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2003 Toyota Tacoma 3.4l V6 5VZ-FE Valve Adjustment & Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

With over 130,000 miles on my 2003 Toyota Tacoma, it was time to undertake a bit of maintenance that often


Toyota Tacoma Diff Lock Rebuild (E-Locker)

How to rebuild a Tacoma e-locker.


2006 Lexus IS350 Rear Strut Replacement

Step-by-step rear strut replacement for the second-gen Lexus IS.


How to Replace 2010-2014 Mazda3 Front Door Speakers

Replacing 2010 Mazda3 door speakers


Nine Sportbike Technological Advancements That Are Now Commonplace

It is easy to take a look at today’s high-performance motorcycles and assume all of the features present have been


The Best Bike To Learn On Might Not Be A Motorcycle At All

It’s a question as old as the pursuit of riding motorcycles itself. “What bike should I learn on?” The resulting


How to Get a Used Motorcycle Ready for Riding

Used bikes are great; their smile per dollar ratio is unmatched. You can always jump on the ‘ol Craigslist and


Meeting Your Mechanical Heroes

I knew the second I caught a glimpse of that NR750 in the background of an eBay listing, I had


The Ballad of Ducati Ownership

Owning a Ducati is a terrible experience. That’s why it’s so special. Experience may not be the right word; lifestyle


Removing Craig From His List(ting)

Scoring a great deal off of Craigslist is such a wonderful feeling. However, it’s the addiction to that feeling that