Step-by-step rear strut replacement for the second-gen Lexus IS.


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It is easy to take a look at today’s high-performance motorcycles and assume all of the features present have been


It’s a question as old as the pursuit of riding motorcycles itself. “What bike should I learn on?” The resulting


Used bikes are great; their smile per dollar ratio is unmatched. You can always jump on the ‘ol Craigslist and


I knew the second I caught a glimpse of that NR750 in the background of an eBay listing, I had


Owning a Ducati is a terrible experience. That’s why it’s so special. Experience may not be the right word; lifestyle


Scoring a great deal off of Craigslist is such a wonderful feeling. However, it’s the addiction to that feeling that

Used Bike Reviews – Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7R (1996-2003)

I can’t get enough of 90’s sportbikes. Big bodywork and carbureted power delivery; they are raw, quick, and mean. I

Used Bike Reviews – 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

If you were to ask a stranger on the street to name a motorcycle, the most common answer would probably