Replacing Leaf Springs on a First Gen 4Runner

Level out that old 4Runner First-generation Toyota 4Runners (1984-1989) are ruggedly cool trucks with one sweet party trick: a removable roof. But, these classic SUVs don’t come without their faults. The most common of which is a droopy rear end. … Continued

Education on a Budget: $300 Yamaha R1 (Part 4)

Two-wheeled race replicas stir emotions of speed, danger, and adrenaline. Even non motorcycle-savvy individuals view them as always game for racing shenanigans… “Hey bro!”  I couldn’t tell if that remark was directed at me or just something this guy normally … Continued

Education on a Budget: $300 Yamaha R1 (Part 3)

Waiting for parts to arrive sucks. What do you do with yourself when you just blew more than one thousand smackers on something you can’t yet hold in your hands? Well, if you’re lucky like me, you have a completely … Continued

Education on a Budget: $300 Yamaha R1 (Part 2)

If you are wondering how I ended up with a lump of engine, check out the first installment of the series here. The first thing I had to do when tackling this project of stripping down an R1 engine was admit … Continued