About Practical Moto

Practical Moto, LLC is a media company that produces auto and moto focused videos and articles. It was founded by Peter Monshizadeh in 2015. DIY repairs, restorations, buyer’s guides, and reviews are just some of the categories covered.

This company truly emphasizes the “practical” part of its name. Brand-new machines won’t make an appearance, nor will anything truly exotic. Used, affordable, and owner- serviceable cars, trucks, and motorcycles from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s are the name of the game.

There are several media outlets for auto enthusiasts to get their fix. However, Peter found that many of these outlets don’t harbor a realistic, or practical, approach. Very few of us have unlimited bank accounts – he certainly doesn’t – and he felt that was a perspective that should be considered.

Practical Moto strives to create a welcoming environment for enthusiasts. We showcase ownership experiences without sugar coating them in fantastical metaphors. We use down-to- earth explanations to inspire learning. The goal here is to have fun without breaking the bank.