Toyota Tacoma Diff Lock Rebuild (E-Locker)

How to rebuild a Tacoma e-locker.

Rebuilding a Toyota Tacoma Diff Lock is certainly a DIY job.

I took a stab at rebuilding my 2003 Toyota Tacoma’s diff lock motor (e-locker for short). I’m glad I did, because these units are expensive to replace and the rebuild was fairly straight forward. Believe it or not, the mechanism actually worked afterwards! Be sure to check out the video I made of the procedure:

Below is an image gallery of the rebuild.

The differential lock rebuild kit can be purchased here:

The Toyota grease used during the rebuild (expensive stuff!!) is part number 08887-02007.

The correct clock position for the spring during reassembly.


  • Awesome pictures and great video. Definitely helps! Thank you for taking the time into showing the steps.

  • So stoked I found you brotha! Really great video and tutorial. Quality work!

  • Can Permatex Dielectric grease be used instead of the toyota grease?

    • I don’t think it would work long-term. Dielectric grease is a lighter weight grease that I doubt would handle higher temperatures very well. It might get watery where the Toyota grease will retain its consistency.

  • What do you think was the actual problem with your locker?

    • I’m not sure. It had to be one of two things: 1) the internal sliding connections were gummed up by the grease, or 2) the motor’s brushes & commutator needed freed up and cleaned.

  • Do you have any alternative kit recommendations? It’s been sold out for months and now they just took it off the website entirely.

    • I wasn’t aware of that so thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone else who offers this kit. On the up side, there wasn’t anything in the kit that you couldn’t source from your local hardware store. I don’t know the o-ring or screw dimensions, but you could take the old ones with you to the store and match them up to something close.

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