Used Bike Reviews – Honda XR650L

It seems to be a common problem in the central United States. You buy a motorcycle and in the beginning it’s one of the most fun experiences you’ve ever had. In those first couple of months of ownership, you ride it nearly everyday. You explore all of the paved roads in you town, county and general surrounding area. Then it happens; you get bored.

Of course, this can happen in any locale. I specified “central” because more often than not, the roads are straight and curves are rare. The rides that result don’t exactly test a rider’s skill or give any sort of climactic event to the outing. You can only ride the same same road so many times, making the same loop, before the whole riding experience is whittled down to a mundane chore. This may sound ridiculous if you live in an area with significant topology, but it can be an unfortunate reality for many central-dwellers.

However, what happens if you aren’t restricted to paved roads? As it turns out, riding can become fun and adventurous again when you go off the beaten path. Take a turn down a gravel or dirt road and all of a sudden you find twisting and meandering routes that take you through landscapes you could never see from a paved highway. Having the right bike for the job is the only thing you need; the Honda XR650L can take you there.

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