Practical Enthusiast’s Project E30 BMW 325i Parts List

Below is an all-inclusive parts list for the Project BMW E30 video series featured on the Practical Enthusiast YouTube channel.

If you haven’t seen the Project E30 videos, but you are considering restoring an E30 of your own, be sure to check them out. I did my best to document my journey of bringing a neglected 1989 BMW 325i “E30” back to life. In the series I address many of the common faults that these cars tend to develop. Enjoy!

UPDATE (10/25/19): I have updated the original parts & costs list with additional fixes that I’ve done since finishing the video series. The big changes are a new transmission, a new rear subframe with adjustable eccentric bolts, and poly bushings for the differential, trailing arms, and subframe. All new parts and costs are noted in blue text in the list below.

My favorite angle of the E30 sedan.

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  1. Ricardo Zamarripa

    Awesome work, I have some of these things to do myself on my 91′ manual Vert. If I put this much effort I will definitely be keeping it for the long haul. Again, thank you for all of the amazing references you have provided for many years to come. All the best to you.

  2. Gary Webster

    Excellent videos. Just watched all 27 episodes. I have a 87 cabriolet and spent many hours and money bringing her up to original spec. Just the the interior to go!

  3. Michael Bennett

    Well done. I may have missed it in the videos but what did you with the brown seat covers that you removed? Thanks

    • Practical Moto

      Thanks! I sold the old tan seat covers with the parts sport seats as a complete package on Craigslist.

  4. Alexander

    Very Inspiring and thoroughly enjoyed the E30 series. I am currently working on my E30 316i Touring Lux so found this useful.

  5. Richard

    I’ve been watching your YouTube videos over and over and over again as I do most all of the same projects to my E30. My next project is tackling my E30’s awful sounding blower motor. I noticed on your parts list that you bought 2 blower motors. Which motor is the one you recommend? YMX or the Lone Star??

    • Practical Moto

      I’d recommend the Lone Star one which I purchased on Ebay. It fit perfectly where the other one didn’t.

  6. Rick High

    Is there any way to slow down the video about installing the lseat cover? I need to know how to get the cover over the two studs in the back of the seat frame. One of which you welded. The bedroom is too fast for me to see how you did several things.


    • Peter Monshizadeh

      Hi Rick, I’m afraid not. These videos were all recorded with timelapse so there simply aren’t enough frames in the video to slow it down. I apologize for that. I have since stopped using timelapse in videos for this very reason.

  7. Guy Rollin

    A+ Man Great Work
    I have a E30 1986 M20 325ES very mint i bought it new 36 years ago with 60000 Mi

  8. dan charnes

    Hi Peter..
    wow -amazing skill you have.. I do not have that but have a rear bent trailing arm and it’s messed with the rear axle and pulling on the right subframe
    -I have been told something different by every mechanic that has looked at it-
    it drives.. but only because I am an easy driver… one mechanic said to just replace the trailing arm and pull the subframe in with the new one- another said to replace the subframe -as you can imagine it’s huge cost here -$1000 for the subframe alone – suggestions… I have no idea what to do – so lucky you can do all this yourself- mine was $1800 to buy- been drifted -hence the trailing arm problem -many issues- but now $8900 in -done a lot- but this has to get done I think ? thanks -runs great 226 on it-

  9. Joe

    Totally awesome series. I too love the e30 body style of yester year. Very informative and have watched all your vids once and a few many times. What did you end up doing with the car if I may ask? Just curious. Great job once again.

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